Tortola Awning Chichester

The Elite Tortola Quality Awning for Exterior Living and Solar Protection.

A wide range of fabric styles and colour are available.

The modern rugby-ball shape styling of the Tortola makes it suitable for many applications, especially those where there is limited mounting space above windows and doors.

 The Tortola awning has fixing brackets at each end of the cassette which make it ideal for fixing to special stand-off brackets or spreader plates to ensure a sound installation.

 Tortola Awnings operate via a manual gearbox or can be electrically powered with remote control hand set

This Tortola awning was fitted on spreader plates and is electrically powered with a remote control hand set and was installed in Chichester

.The Tortola cassette casing ensures the acrylic awning cover and components are protected from all types of inclement weather when the awning is closed away.

The Tortola Cassette Awning comes with a Five Year Guarantee.

Tortola - Ideal for single story dwellings.